White City Paddington Redevelopment

This once iconic tennis complex is being redeveloped into an exciting community and sports venue. The redevelopment is being undertaken by Hakoah Club, a community not-for-profit organisation founded in 1938, and based around sport, culture and community. Development Approval was granted September 2020, with construction expected to commence later this year.

The redevelopment of White City delivers a much-needed hub for sports and communal facilities, and a new home for Hakoah in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The redevelopment includes competition standard soccer field, Club and community building, enclosed multi-use courts (basketball, netball, futsal), learn-to-swim and outdoor pools, a large fitness centre, 9 tennis courts, café, and community facilities for wellness, arts, and culture.

Membership of the Club is open to all. The facilities and programs planned are fully accessible and inclusive and include, with many designed for women’s sport and fitness. Football (soccer), the centrepiece of White City is the fastest growing women’s participation sport in Australia. The gym and wellness centre will offer a range of yoga, Pilates, and other health programs.

White City aims to bridge the gap between youth and senior members of the community. Apart from a bridge school, social and cultural activities which attract mature aged groups, the new White City offers health and fitness programs for the elderly, including seated stretch, slow gym classes, water aerobics, and learn-to-swim programs for older swimmers.

P+I is providing the Project Director, advisory and development management services for the Project.