Forbes Homemaker Centre

Following on the successful development, by P+I in collaboration with Forbes Shire Council, of new sheep sale yards, at the Central West Livestock Exchange, P+I examined the opportunities for adaptive reuse of the former sheep yards site, on the Newell Highway, at Forbes.

P+I sought to find uses for this strategic property that would both boost local employment and economic activity.

The resulting project, the Forbes Homemaker Centre features large format Bunnings Warehouse, and a Spotlight store. The Homemaker centre brings new jobs and new services to Forbes.

Council retained the lead role as project sponsor, with P+I responsible for concept and strategy, securing tenants, design concept, tendering of the building. In its role as Development Manager, P+I negotiated the lease terms, led the rezoning and development approval, and continues to provide financial advice, and modelling support to Council in respect of the project funding.