Central West Livestock Exchange Sale Yards

As livestock saleyards are a considerable contributor to the local economy, Forbes Shire Council recognised the need to replace and upgrade its old sheep saleyards, and to consolidate operations on one site. Council saw that investment in new facilities would:

  • Ensure the continued growth of saleyard operations;
  • Attract business investment to the area; and
  • Strengthen Forbes’ reputation as a regional livestock hub.

Following the development of the cattle saleyards, Council established that several risk elements of the development process were outside its core disciplines.

Through a PPP process, Council selected P+I as a solutions-focused partner to deliver the project, responsible for:

  • Accepting all delivery risk;
  • Securing finance; and
  • Day-to-day management of the development, including co-ordinating contractors.

Our approach is collaborative and open-book to Council at all times. We tendered all major project components, ensuring these met Council’s probity requirements. Council was able to transfer construction and financing risk to P+I, while retaining control over design specifications and operational management.The tenacity and persistence of our team ensured that appropriate project finance was obtained for this project despite the GFC.