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P+i can undertake and manage all of the day-to-day tasks in project development or delivery, leaving our clients free to focus on their core business.

The development management services we provide on tenders or projects include undertaking the following:

  • Research and interface with the project sponsor, government sector and broader market;
  • Selection of the preferred consultants, construction contractor and operator/maintenance providers;
  • Management and production of EOI/tender documents and process;
  • Value management of design and costing;
  • Negotiation of terms: commercial, financial and contractual, and conditions with financiers and other project delivery partners;
  • Management of legals: documentation and contractual arrangements;
  • Preparing for construction or operations;
  • Retail development management;
  • Retail leasing arrangements; and
  • Project management, including meeting conditions precedent to finance and drawdown of funding, achievement of construction milestones, meeting cost to complete tests, and attending project control meetings.


Projects + Infrastructure Group
Projects + Infrastructure Group
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